Ensuring Occupancy For Your Properties

By | June 22, 2021

When working on a piece of property it is important that you have all of your ducks in a row before people can occupy and use it.  The final step in this process is to have your electrical contractors in Austin TX do a walkthrough and ensure that everything is good.  If it is, they will need to sign off allowing you to occupy the space.

No exposed wires

electrical contractors in Austin TX

The first thing that will shut you down is having exposed wires.  All wires and connectors need to be behind a wall or an outlet.  If this is how it is, this part of the inspection will pass.  From there, you will need to have emergency shutoff switches and a main breaker switch setup and ready to go.  If you have an electrical issue, you need to be able to cut power to your entire building quickly.

Water and other utilities are working

In order to occupy a location, you need to also have water.  Water is used for hygiene and general health.  You need to be able to wash your hands, flush toilets and more. If you are unable to do this, then you will fail your inspection and won’t be able to occupy the location.

All final punch list items are completed

As you work on a property you will have a punch list of items that need to be worked on.  This list needs to be completed and inspected before anyone can occupy the location.  This shouldn’t take long since most of the punch list items are cosmetic or simple fixes and tweaks.  Once all of the punch-out items are completed you will just need a final walkthrough.

The final walkthrough

The final walkthrough will be with the inspector.  They will go through the list and check the items off one by one.  This usually takes a few minutes if everything has been done and monitored from the start.